World class IT talent to boost your projects

by creating completely new solutions based on cutting edge solutions. We work as your strategic partner to help your company achive their highest goals.

When you’re building a global company, you want the best possible talent, and the talent available across Latin America is just fantastic. 

Nearshore delivery of digital transformation services for U.S. clients out of Latin America provides significant benefits over traditional offshore outsourcing models (predominantly out of Asia) in an age when frictionless communication and client collaboration are of paramount importance.

The Most Required Profiles
Azure /AWS, NodeJS, React / WebJS, .NET core, Python, NoSQL, Selenium, Postman, NLP, .or whatever you may need.
Effective client immersion
From finding and hiring talent to Directly Building an In-House Team or the Build-Operate-Transfer Model- whichever is preferable and depending on the specifics of the people requirements, speed, scale, and other assistance that may be required.
Flourishing Pools of In-Demand, Highly Skilled Technology Talent
We have a wide network of expert IT recruiters in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the rest of Latin America
Competitive Costs Supported by Proactive Government Initiatives
Completely transparent pricing model. 50% of the cost of US-based resources
the problem

Rising Demand - Supply Shortage

Expected growth in U.S. software jobs through 2029

$ k
average U.S. developer salary (~3x LatAm equivalent), with increases across all roles

predicted shortage of U.S. engineers by 2026

of recruiters cite finding qualified developers as their biggest challenge in 2022

So, how do we help?

With large footprints in multiple markets, strong local branding, and proven ability to acquire talent and scale, proven ability to meet client delivery demands through recruiting tactics, knowledge of the local market, and an attractive/celebrated culture, we can offer the best engineering teams.

We understand that every project is unique and different, there is no single recipe. We need to start a dialogue to capture the complexities of your business and how digital optimization can help achieve your goals.


  • Scale your digital organization with a flexible, dedicated team of top IT talent
  • Get expert advice on the latest trends and emergent technologies
  • Increase capacity during busy times and big projects without adding to headcount
  • Become a better digital organization: have your internal teams work alongside our experts.
  • Reduce your time-to-hire as well as your engineering overhead and costs
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