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Software Development

We know the IT business

and we are constantly driving innovation in software development
and IT-managed services, to facilitate the operational evolution of our clients based on technological innovation.

Nearshore Business Solutions and Software Services certified and based in the ISO 9001 best practice and service delivery models.

With a smart and flexible approach, we help companies further accelerate their journey of digital transformation and contribute to a long-term relationship supported for high quality services, professional experience and proven commitment.

our services

We play smart. We are flexible.

CSTechLab specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, using natural language and artificial intelligence technologies to complement automation.
Our RPA services help businesses streamline their operations, increase productivity, and achieve their goals more quickly and effectively.
We offer end-to-end automation solutions, including discovery and process development, Azure Cloud Service, bot maintenance, security, governance, and advice for the assembly of Centers of Excellence (CoE).


Depending on the details and needs of your project, either
“Dedicated team” or “Software outsourcing”, You can choose between two models:

Fixed Price Project
A solution planned and delivered by us in multiple milestones for a fixed price. Regardless of whether you only have an idea or user interface (UI) designs ready, we execute it following a “transparent” process. From simple prototypes, Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to complex business solutions. We build your product at a fixed price. You can cancel after each milestone and pay only for those delivered. Fixed-price Projects are planned and delivered at multiple milestones, taking into account our proven methods, tools and learnings from more than 50 projects, managed through a transparent and traceable process.
Managed Team
Our platform together with a nearshore team of validated Senior developers with relevant experience for your project. Optionally supplemented by a Product Manager or Designer, and totally flexible if requirements evolve. From a developer to several complete SCRUM teams. From one month to long- term projects. Get an on-demand managed senior development team. Development, prototypes, designs, maintenance, innovation and security testing. We use Flutter | Xamarin | Swift | Objective C | Android Studio | .NET Core | Java | PHP | Phyton | Ruby

*In all our services we can accompany remotely

Two specialized teams working in tandem towards a single objective
“to deliver an excepcional client experience” with the highest quality work at the lowest possible cost (50% of the cost of US-based resources)
  • LATAM- Software development center
  • US/European client executive and PM team
Our strategy is focused on solving business problems through the development of personalized solutions.
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